A cosmetic tattoo professional´s technique is just as individual as the features they are seeking to enhance.

Micropigmentation is a safe, non-invasive procedure that produces semi-permanent results.

Brow Art

3D Feather-touch Eyebrow Art

3D Feather-touch Eyebrows gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly and mimic your natural brow hair along the brow bone. Sibina has spent last 8 yrs carefully studying, researching and developing her own eyebrow technique and design.

Sibina works with the “landscape” of your brow – be it too short, thin, patchy or sparse – reviving the basic shape. If your brows are completely gone she will re-create an entirely new brow for you. After a consultation during which your face shape and colourings are analysed, we “pre-draw” your new brows using pencil. This ensures that the correct colours and styles are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you want. No set of brows are the same! Because client comfort is the utmost importance to us, numbing agents are applied prior and during the treatment process – “pre-drawn template” is followed with use our custom mixed specialist pigments. Your appointment takes approximately 90 mins and our clients describe the sensation as “like having your eyebrows tweezed”.


After Care for Eyebrow Enhancement

Proper care following your enhancement is necessary to achieve the best results. You will be given an after care sheet on the day of your treatment to take with you. Please review the following instructions and refer to them as necessary. If during the healing process you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.


You may experience the following symptoms for 4 days 

  • Minor swelling and redness.
  • Mild tenderness.
  • Itchiness in the eyebrow area.
  • Dry flaking skin.

These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process.


Daily care to follow for 7-10 days 

  • Bephanten Antiseptic cream is recommended for use on brows twice daily for healing and colour retention.
  • No exercise for 3-4 days following the procedure.
  • No sweating, saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms for 5 days.
  • No ocean (salt or pool water) for 10-14 days.
  • No retinol/vitamin A products on the forehead for 30 days.


Important notes 

  • Remember, your selected colour will be stronger and more sharply defined for up to 10 days after application but as the healing process occurs the colour will soften and lighten and look more natural.
  • The approximate healing period is 10-14 days, however healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised, if you are generally stressed and also by poor diet.
  • Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of colour is to be expected. This is the purpose of the re-touch adjustment visit allowing us to fine tune your enhancement. This is included in the initial eyebrows cost (within 12 weeks of the initial treatment), however if you do not attend your scheduled re-touch appointment you will be charged for any further treatment. Cancellation notice is always 48 hours.


Long term care 

  • Use a good sunscreen. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics.
  • We recommend Brows be maintained every 18 months for a fresh colour boost.



Feather-Touch Brows currently range from $750-1,150 depending on which technician you see.  This includes a touch up 4-6 weeks later.


Asymmetry is very common in lips and can be easily corrected with using semi permanent makeup to help create a more harmonious and balanced appearance to the face.

Cosmetic tattooing is perfect way to transform thin or uneven lips or lips that have lost fullness and shape with age and in need of volume restoration. A colour is selected from huge range of fabulous shades to either blend with your natural lip or match your favourite lipstick colour.

In our youth lips are soft, full and have a great natural tone. As the ageing process begins we start to lose the shape, contour, fullness and colour of our lips. Lips have become a trend all on their own since Angelina Jolie made her mark in the media. Permanent makeup can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade. It can also re-shape lips, visually increase the size of lips and adjust the shade. Fuller lips can be achieved without the use of fillers using permanent makeup, however if you currently use fillers you may still want to define your lip borders and enhance your overall lip colour.


Important Notes

If you suffer or are prone to cold sore breakouts at present or anytime in the past you will need to use an anti-herpes breakout medication for a period of up to 1 week after lip treatment.

Aftercare advice and post procedure treatment will be given to you on the day, and an optional follow up appointment will be made for approximately 8 weeks later.

You can be sure that all equipment used is state of the art, and that all needles come in a single, sterile one time use package. Hygiene and safety is of utmost priority for client as well as the technician.


As one of Queensland’s leading semi permanent eyeliner artists, Sibina can help you achieve the look you are after. She’ll firstly help you decide on your ideal shade. From the bold look of intense black to subtle shades of grey and olive, blue or purple, your choice will be tailored to compliment your skin tone and eye-colour perfectly.

Sibina has developed several options for women who are seeking to enhance their eyes. For those who wish to have an almost invisible effect, pigment can be placed in between the lashes to enhance the base of the lashes making them appear thicker and darker. If you wear eyeliner daily, a more enhancing option is a thicker style eyeliner. This gives an optical illusion of darker, thick lashes with perfectly-applied eyeliner. Sibina creates this by placing the pigments along the lash line, under the lash line and between the lashes, corner to corner,  before tapering the ends for a delicate yet elegant finish.

Eyeliner is a key element to many women for their morning routine however we have all experienced smudges and smears throughout the day. Some women have difficulties applying an even and precise line along the lash. For those with poor eyesight, sportswomen, career women and busy mothers, applying eyeliner every day is simply not feasible. Semi permanent makeup can be used in several ways to achieve a truly smudge proof finish.

Aftercare advice and post procedure treatment will be given to you on the day and a follow up appointment will be made for approximately 6-8 weeks later.

Paramedical Micropigmentation

Paramedical Micropigmentation is known as Medical Tattooing. If you feel self-conscious due to scars or Alopecia (hair loss), or perhaps you’re concerned by patches of pigment loss. Sibina can help restore the confidence that you may have lost. Please note however: Medical Tattooing is not ideal for covering darker colored scars (brown, red or pink), age spots, stretch marks, or larger surgical scars.

Medical Tattooing can be the final step for clients that have battled breast cancer and want to restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance to their breasts. It is possible to tattoo a colour to closely match the patient’s original or remaining areola. Sibina can create 3 Dimensional nipple and areola reconstruction and colouring for the most natural and undetectable results.

Medical tattooing is also applied after all kinds of breast surgery to disguise the scars caused by some agumentation, reduction and uplift treatments. All clients are treated with care and sensitivity and a detailed consultation is always undertaken to establish if you are suitable for this kind of treatment.

As with any tattoo, the pigment will fade with time.

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